We all agree that the web is where it’s at for getting new customers. It’s more important than ever to have an updated website with current products or service offerings and know how your website is being used. If you aren’t receiving your website traffic reports, contact your web developer or ask us for help. Your website analytics are your way of knowing how many are visiting your site, what pages their looking at, how long they spend on a particular page and more. It will also let you know how effective your SEO is month-to-month.

Are you seeing traffic from sites like site-auditor or other suspect URL’s?

This is common and is called ghost spam or ghost traffic. The traffic doesn’t really go to your website, it only affects the analytics. It can really be bothersome because you won’t be able to get an accurate picture of your traffic. Fortunately there’s a way to fix this. Filters can be created for both past analytics data and future data. If you have ghost spam in your reports and want to get rid of it, let us know and we can help.